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Mastering Yoga Foundations
Embracing the Yogic Wellness Lifestyle -
Anatomy for Yogis - a Journey through the Koshas
Unlock the Power of the Chakras
- asana, mudra and mantra
Optimize your practice and Life through the 5 Elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether
Beginner Meditation Series for Busy People - cultivate calm and clarity in a busy world
Yoga Your Way - learn how to sequence a home practice to give yourself what you need on any day to feel your best
Yoga for your Dosha: Find Balance, Ignite your Energy, Live Well 
12 week Roadmap to Empowered Wellbeing - Mind-Body-Spirit Health Mastery
Eat to Thrive: Nutrition 101 - Eat for Energy, Immunity & Longevity
Macros Made Simple: Easy Steps to Building Your Best Body
"Total Renewal": Blueprint for Optimizing Sleep, Rest, and Recovery for Optimal Health, Weight Loss, and Performance"
Health Habit Hacking - Small actions for Big Impact 
Goal Getter -  Design Your powerful wellness vision and unique roadmap to your healthiest self 

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This class is a slow and delicious journey from movement to stillness. You will start slowly with a centering practice before transitioning into gentle movements that warm up the major joints of the body while helping you to relax and connect to your breath. Foundational standing poses follow that create length to the legs and hips and freedom to spine and ribcage. Coming down to the floor again you will enjoy gentle backbends and twists, hip openers and forward bends. The practice closes with a nice juicy savasana, and time permitting some breathing and meditation practices. This class is suited for all levels of students. There is no core work or arm balances and any inversions are cooling and well supported. This class is the perfect “active rest day” during a busy week! 


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These Intermediate Level classes are a unique blend of asana, yogic philosophy, and chanting to create an uplifting experience that energizes the body, calms the mind and opens the heart! These classes are more dynamic and vigorous to build heat and strength. There is a strong focus on standing poses and balances to build functional strength in the legs and to the open hips; core work to support upper body strength and gentle backbends to strengthen the back and open the shoulders. More advanced poses such as deeper backbends, inversions and arm balances are explored towards the middle of the class and seated hip openers and cooling inversions follow at the end. This well rounded practice will develop lower and upper body strength, mobility and balance.


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All levels welcome! This class moves at a much slower pace. - a blend of Yin and Restorative., using long holds, props and deep relaxing breathing. You will get to slow right down, taking a few minutes in each pose so you can “sink in and release deeply” into those areas of muscular and mental tension. The poses are done on the floor with an array of props to release deeply into hips and shoulders, side body, and lower back and lower belly. Inversions are cooling and restorative. Classes can include pranayama and students get to enjoy a longer savasana.
It's the perfect class if you're feeling stressed, exhausted, under the weather, or need to wind down from a busy day.  It also works wonderfully as a morning practice after a late night or to start the weekend off relaxed and refreshed!

deep stretch restorative

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Private mentorship -
 do you:
  • want support to deepen your personal practice,
  • need assistance refining your sequencing for classes and workshops,
  • need advice on how to help a student who is struggling with physical limitations
  • desire to dive deeper into yoga philosophy to create inspiring and transformative experiences for your students,
  • seek business mentorship to build a professional online presence and grow your yoga business 

Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program


Is Yoga a passion of yours? Has it already changed your life for the better? Are you curious to know more and go deeper to transform your practice and your life?

An Immersion and Teacher Training are powerful ways to invest in your yourself, deepen your practice, and live a wellness lifestyle that supports vibrant health and a joyful, thriving life.

Start a rewarding career in the Wellness Industry and change people's lives for the better.

200hr Trainings &
Immersions, Workshops

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Personalized programs to help you reach your health and wellness goals, and live your ideal wellness lifestyle so you can show up energized, confident and productive and catapult your business and relationship success to the next level. 

Health & Wellness Coaching 

master your health, REACH YOUR PEAK,  transform your life