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Well done for getting serious on being your healthiest you! I believe its one of the best investments you can make in yourself. 
I hope these free resources will help you gain insight and inspiration and momentum in your wellness journey (they certainly did for me!) and to start taking action on your wellness goals to live your best life.  

From business to health books, these are the reads I keep coming back to and recommend to all of my students and clients! (PS I earn no commission on these :) 

Easy Reading from My Bookshelf

The Yoga History Podcast

Thrive with Cate Stillman

Huberman Lab

The Mindbodygreen Podcast

21 Days of Abundance - Deepak Chopra

Amy Porterfield

Goal Digger 

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A Few of my Podcast favourites

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Some of my Favorite Wellness products

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Favorite WELLNESS Apps 

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EWG - Environmental Working Group : Healthy Living

MY FITNESS PAL - nutrition & activity tracker

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myfitness pal 

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Whats the best exercise for your body type? 

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10 Powerful Coaching questions to kickstart your health journey

Get your zen on with this 10 minute moving meditation. If sitting with your eyes closed doesn't work for you, you'll absolutely love this. 

10 Minute ACTIVE Morning Meditation

Get 10 FREE recipes that are healthy, natural, and #kidapproved. All with 5 ingredients or less! 

5-Ingredient Dinners for The Whole Family

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A guided Morning Breathing & Mindset Meditation 

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14-Day Customizable (& Realistic) Weight Loss Meal Plan

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