a woman who .....
got hit by a bus,
a pandemic,
a health crisis,
lost my dream business and a body part and turned it all around.....

Hi, I'm Karin ,

I won't lie... it was tough going for a few years...

But I had some pretty powerful tools in my toolbelt and I was able to recover, re-orientate and bounce back - with some scars, more wisdom and a deep appreciation for good health as the foundation for living a vibrant and purpose-filled life......

Now I'm on a mission to help others uplevel their health, wellness & lifestyle habits, harness the power of whole person health and show up strong, resilient and ready to live their best lives!  

Fast facts. . .

running yoga teacher trainings

10 years

teaching & training clients

20 years

years young


in yoga, fitness & coaching

8 certifications

I've been a passionate entrepeneur since my early 20’s. In my LBY (Life-Before-Yoga) I graduated with a degree in Marketing and Sales Management, running my own Events Management company before finding my way to my yoga mat in 2001.

In 2004 I graduated with my first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification and promptly opened my own small studio in Cape Town. A deep fascination for the human body and functional movement led me to study Personal Training to better serve my students on their fitness and health journey.

Moving to Maui in 2007 led to marriage, and my love of learning led to many more trainings in yoga, corrective exercise and ultimately Nutrition & Health Coaching and the opportunity to work and practice with students from all around the world.

But before arriving in the "Rainbow State" (Hawaii) I called the "Rainbow Nation" (South Africa) home. 

Living on the magical island of Maui I get to live my dream life running my small but purpose driven business......

Its January 2019 and I'm living my dream.  My beautiful new yoga studio on the North Shore of Maui had been open 6 months, and I had signed the lease on the space next door to build out a wellness center. 

I was busy - maybe a bit too busy - but loving life.  Opportunities abounded and I was so excited for what life was bringing.

And then one sunny Friday afternoon, driving home, I exited a blind corner and found a large school bus barreling headlong into my lane.  In a split second, my life changed and my dream turned into, what felt like for many years, a nightmare.

The thing about curveballs is we don't see them coming. But having a foundation of GOOD HEALTH, A GROWTH MINDSET, being willing to learn new skills, and cultivating loving relationships played a key role in bouncing back.... 

FROM LEMONS TO LEMONADE - How the worst 3 years of my life set the stage for the best to follow....

Trying to get support from doctors and specialists during a global pandemic meant missteps and mistakes.  Shunted and shuttled from 1 doctor to another, one test after another, one medication after another.  it was a roller coaster that took a toll on my body...

Medications, which worked in the short term, led to complications, which led to more medications.

The timing couldn't have been worse.  Deep in debt just having built out and launched 2 brand new businesses, I was working 15 hr days, 7 days a week teaching, managing, and wearing every kind of  "small business owner" hats you can imagine. With no way to take time off and in constant pain from my injuries and complications, I was struggling to show up the way I needed to.  


Ultimately a diagnosis presented me with a choice - more medication or surgery.

I turned down both, determined to find my own way.......

I turned to my yoga practice, to Ayurvedic Principles and Practices, to deep rest, to self care.

I made the heart breaking decision to close my businesses and focus on my health. I chose to "lose" one battle in order to win the "war". I spent a year getting as strong and healthy as possible.

In the end I still had to have the (life saving) surgery but I had set myself up for a successful procedure and recovery.  Having a great foundation of health prior to my accident and all my health and wellness training meant within 1 year post surgery I was back to teaching part time, expanding my wellness business , wiser and ready to rock! 

My takeaway? We can't always predict or plan for life's ups and downs but we can set ourselves up to recover and rise up again by having in place a good foundation of health, with daily habits for rest, relaxation, self care and wellbeing, eating well, moving regularly, cultivating a positive mindset and supported with strong relationships. 

Get to know me better....

Vata Pacifying Daily Massage Oil,
Epsom Salt Baths, Tongue Scraper, Foot rubs, a heating pad, morning beach walks

self care MUST HAVE'S

HUGGING! humans, animals, trees... hugging styles are a thing you know! 

Yoga Mat, resistance bands, pilates Ball, Nutrition Apps, my home gym, my spotify playlists

i am big on..

fitness favourites

My husband and 5 fur babies!  

Good Coffee! slow mornings and a big cuppa joe are my jam.

crazy about

can't live without

Coming from a family of teachers, and with a love of learning, I have a natural affinity for teaching, guiding, supporting and inspiring people in the process of learning and change. 

Years of leading group classes, running yoga teacher trainings, progressing clients in the gym and coaching has allowed me to refine the skill of being able to meet people where they are, helping them connect to their deepest desires and priorities, envisioning their healthiest and best lives and then guiding, supporting and motivating them to take action on making their goals and dreams a reality....

and doing it in a ways that feel authentic, doable, empowering and if possible, even fun! 

I  find inspiration in my practice, listening to my student and clients stories of struggle and success, being in nature, through art and music, meeting people from all around the world and travelling with my best bud, my Mum.

When not doing what I love (working)  you will find me walking on the beach, at a local coffee shop with my students, curled up with a yoga or anatomy book, trying to become a better baker and figuring out the tech of running an online business!


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