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I  am very grateful and fortunate to be able to practice yoga with Karin. She is a brilliantly skilled, enthusiastic and patient yoga instructor. I have always been impressed by her deep and vast knowledge of yoga. She personally and expertly shares her knowledge of anatomy, philosophy and spiritualism to all of her students. She enthusiastically guides her students in every practice with a passion that is infectious. - Helen Lerman (USA)

"Yoga is a gift to myself. Karin is a gift to yoga and to those of us who know and practice with her."

It’s your passion I can feel when I step into your class. Thank you for sharing your lovely spirit, knowledge and love for a deeper understanding of yoga. I love the focus and the mindfulness.  I can’t wait to be back in your class! - Julia Dujmovits (Austria)

"Your teaching is truly inspirational – it made me a better person and athlete."

It takes a great teacher like Karin to hold space for students to attune. Her classes are meticulously sequenced and paced, her language clean and precise, she takes time to align students carefully and she incorporates spirituality in just the right dose for everybody!  Her classes are both traditional and innovative and her sense of humor and light are uplifting. My favorite thing is that she is not afraid to invite students to work deeply. - Becca Greenband  (USA)

"She also leads by example both on and off the mat which is very important on the yoga path."

“Inspired”, is the first word that comes to mind as a student of Karin’s. Her practice and teachings she shares are uplifting and also grounded in the practicality of living yoga day by day.  Everyday I am grateful for my friend, my teacher, my sister! - Taylor Binda (USA)

"She has taught me not only how to trust myself and my strength, but also to take leaps of faith and trust the faith zone…on the mat and in the world."

Clear! Knowledgeable! Precise but Forgiving! She has all what teachers need to have. I started my Yoga practice in my late 40’s but many times I was reluctant to practice until I met Karin! Yoga transformed my body but that was just a small part. It is transforming my life in every dimension. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart. - Asami Suzuki (Japan)

"She finally made me understand the right meaning of Yoga. Now, I do Yoga everyday!"

Karin is the best teacher I’ve ever met. Every class you learn something new. Yoga never gets boring with her, and the studio has a really great atmosphere and people. LOVE IT! - Ben Shoval (USA)

"Every class you learn something new."


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This class is a slow and delicious journey from movement to stillness. You will start slowly with a centering practice before transitioning into gentle movements that warm up the major joints of the body while helping you to relax and connect to your breath. Foundational standing poses follow that create length to the legs and hips and freedom to spine and ribcage. Coming down to the floor again you will enjoy gentle backbends and twists, hip openers and forward bends. The practice closes with a nice juicy savasana, and time permitting some breathing and meditation practices. This class is suited for all levels of students. There is no core work or arm balances and any inversions are cooling and well supported. This class is the perfect “active rest day” during a busy week! 



These classes are a unique blend of asana, yogic philosophy, and chanting to create an uplifting experience that energizes the body, calms the mind and opens the heart! The slightly longer class provides students with enough time to explore and find proper alignment in a pose while still challenging themselves to move dynamically, building heat and strength. The classes have a strong focus on standing poses and balances to build functional strength in the legs and to the open hips; core work to support upper body strength and gentle backbends to strengthen the back and open the shoulders. More advanced poses such as deeper backbends, inversions and arm balances are explored towards the middle of the class and seated hip openers and cooling inversions follow at the end. This well rounded practice will develop strength, mobility and balance.



All levels welcome! This class is designed to move at a much slower pace than the Gentle Flow practice. Think of it as a blend of Yin and Restorative, using long holds, props and deep relaxing breathing. You will get to slow right down, taking a few minutes in each pose so you can “sink into and release deeply” those areas of muscular and mental tension. The poses are done on the floor with an array of props to release deeply into hips and shoulders, side body, and lower back and lower belly. Inversions are cooling and restorative. Classes can include pranayama and students get to enjoy a longer savasana.

It is the perfect way to wind down from a busy day or start the weekend off relaxed and refreshed!

deep stretch restorative


My approach to sharing the practice has been influenced by my teachers, evolved over almost 20 years of teaching and energized by my personal commitment to meet my students where they are in their practice and lives.

I am best know for my unique teaching style and methodology (MAHA Yoga) which is informed by my additional certifications in Personal Training and Corrective Exercise, Nutrition & Health Coaching.

I blend the ancient WISDOM and practices of Yoga, Ayurveda & Mindfulness with the SCIENCE of nutrition and functional movement and the ART of coaching for mindset, behavior, and lifestyle change.

My classes offer a strong focus on intelligent sequencing and the use of props, variations and suitable progressions so that students may take ownership of their personal practice and progress safely at their own pace.

Teaching, rather than merely instructing, she offers precise verbal instruction and gentle adjustments while still encouraging deeper exploration of the practice beyond physical poses.

I believes in creating a class environment that supports a balance between serious studentship as well as lots of hugs and laughter.

My greatest joy comes from helping others level up their health, lifestyle and performance habits so they can show up with energy, clarity and confidence and THRIVE in work-love-play!

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Teaching yoga full time since 2004 I see myself as a WELLNESS ENTREPENEUR living and loving the good life, passionate about the conscious entrepeneurial journey, yoga, health and wellness and personal growth.

Yoga and Ayurveda inform the key principles I live by - right work, right relationships, right lifestyle, right diet and right exercise, to support whole-person, whole-life, mind-body-spirit thriving.

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The "waiting room" opens 10 min before class starts - this allows for a a short "check in" before we begin

Please ensure your camera is set up so I can see your entire body

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